From the blog the Top 100 Technology Blogs for Teachers, I have selected to discuss 11. Tech Happy and 35. The Clever Sheep.

       Tech Happy gives us a site full of educational ways to incorporate technology into our teaching.  This is useful because now a days technology is becoming more and more important in our every day lives; as teachers we must prepare our students and enable them to become familiar with technology.  In order to do this we must use technology in classrooms. This site makes it very easy for a teacher to find new useful technologies to include in their lesson planning. These technologies can be found easily on a tab at the top of the site called, "125 Learning Sites for Kids (and Teachers)".

      The Clever Sheep is a perfect blog site where educators can add new ideas about using technology in classrooms.  This helps the teacher when he/she is out of ideas on how to use technology in the class.  On the left hand side of the page is a column which is headed "Popular Posts". Under this column are the most popular posts from fellow educators and from parents. One of these top posts called "Top 20 Uses for Wordle" gives an explanation of what wordle is, how to use it, and 20 different ways it can be used in education.  This gives us teachers new ways to liven up the classroom and keep things less boring for the students. The site lets us get new ideas that we may have never thought of before but somebody else did.

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